Injury Report

Ongoing Injuries

Player NameTeamGN InjuredGN ReturningInjury TypeDuration

* Reduced due to US Thanksgiving, Christmas, All-star Break, or Start of Playoffs Break

Past Injuries

Player NameTeamGN InjuredGN ReturnedInjury TypeDuration
NitsawMEMGN 1GN 3Foot1 Game
Belic BearVCTGN 1GN 5Foot3 Games
Tanjil SkoomaVCTGN 1GN 3Knee1 Game
Jerry BigelowSEAGN 2GN 5Hamstring2 Games
ScraggyOMAGN 2GN 5Elbow2 Games
Hellgod Vondoomking 19thEREGN 3GN 5Tail1 Game
Krystal LawrenceBALGN 3GN 7Foot3 Games
Pyry ColeVCTGN 3GN 6Elbow2 Games
Stefan AugustPDXGN 4GN 6Hip1 Game
Paul ShepherdTBPGN 5GN 7Knee1 Game
Bryan ShadowolfBALGN 5GN 8Knee2 Games
Blasa PyreRALGN 6GN 10Ear3 Games
Carlos CoronadoRALGN 6GN 9Elbow2 Games
Zidders Silver-RooLEXGN 6GN 8Finger1 Game
Fawks SilvarinLEXGN 6GN 8Leg1 Game
Lance FoxySASGN 6GN 8Neck1 Game
Marcus TrodsSASGN 6GN 9Hamstring2 Games
Brute BelonzykHTCGN 6GN 9Ear2 Games
Bailey MacTavishMEMGN 6GN 8Neck1 Game
AurelioHTCGN 7GN 10Ear2 Games
BluefirePDXGN 7GN 10Finger2 Games
Sammy GwosdzJVGGN 7GN 9Finger1 Game
Carl YorkTBPGN 7GN 10Elbow2 Games
Ruff BustlerTBPGN 7GN 9Ribs1 Game
MomoMEMGN 7GN 9Arm1 Game
JJ HeldSTLGN 8GN 10Groin1 Game
Platinum Aurora Arctic WolfMEMGN 8GN 10Hip1 Game
Billy MaysSEAGN 8GN 10Leg1 Game
Adam BleiweissEREGN 8GN 10Foot1 Game
Gator RexSASGN 8GN 10Arm1 Game
LeeHTCGN 9GN 11Ribs1 Game
Jack KnightSANGN 9GN 11Neck1 Game
Schwarz CrowTBPGN 9GN 12Groin2 Games
Kay MaliseBALGN 9GN 11Arm1 Game
Zak SlashHTCGN 10GN 12Tail1 Game
Terrance VonaguttHTCGN 10GN 13Ribs2 Games
Kintik CheetahPDXGN 10GN 12Muzzle/Snout1 Game
Panic NawtVCTGN 10GN 12Tail1 Game
Ruff BustlerTBPGN 11GN 13Ear1 Game
Mason AaronSEAGN 12GN 13*Elbow1 Game
Jerry BigelowSEAGN 12GN 14*Ear2 Games
BandoNWFGN 13GN 15Knee1 Game
Soup CampbellOMAGN 13GN 15Elbow1 Game
Benstro CorinthEREGN 14GN 17Hand2 Games
Bjorn GrafeldrMEMGN 14GN 17Groin2 Games
Qaja KebauetPDXGN 14GN 17Knee2 Games
Kurt WeaverHTCGN 14GN 17Foot2 Games
MaxyTBPGN 14GN 17Neck2 Games
Jack KnightSANGN 15GN 18Neck2 Games
Schwarz CrowTBPGN 15GN 18Foot2 Games
Ruff BustlerTBPGN 15GN 18Neck2 Games
Billy MaysSEAGN 15GN 17Hip1 Game
Beino ConwayEREGN 15GN 18Hip2 Games
Cash RottieHMWGN 17GN 20Finger2 Games
Kurt WeaverHTCGN 17GN 21Leg3 Games
CoutzyRALGN 17GN 20Tail2 Games
Phoenix AudubonSTLGN 18GN 20Tail1 Game
Skyler WardSLCGN 18GN 21Knee2 Games
Joshua UnderhillJVGGN 18GN 21Neck2 Games
Rhy VarkylLEXGN 19GN 21Leg1 Game
Kay MaliseBALGN 19GN 23Arm3 Games
Tozan SoutherpacksBALGN 19GN 21Elbow1 Game
Virgil FrieseNWFGN 19GN 23Arm3 Games
Pheagle AdlerTBPGN 19GN 23Neck3 Games
Maskuni SakuraiSLCGN 20GN 23Hamstring2 Games
ArbmanHMWGN 20GN 23Arm2 Games
Kevorin SilverclawSANGN 21GN 24Hand2 Games
BluefirePDXGN 21GN 24Muzzle/Snout2 Games
Rhy VarkylLEXGN 21GN 24Leg2 Games
Kinta O'ConnorPDXGN 21GN 23Leg1 Game
Cody FreemanSLCGN 21GN 23Neck1 Game
Carlos CoronadoRALGN 21GN 24Tail2 Games
Bryan ShadowolfBALGN 22GN 24Muzzle/Snout1 Game
Fawks SilvarinLEXGN 23GN 25Ribs1 Game
RodneySLCGN 23GN 25Foot1 Game
Ark NatrixTBPGN 23GN 25Hand1 Game
Richard ThickeVCTGN 23GN 27Ribs3 Games
Bedtime BearSEAGN 23GN 27Hip3 Games
Backdraft WolfSASGN 24GN 27Tail2 Games
Devin ParlettHMWGN 24GN 26Foot1 Game
Chase EllisEREGN 24GN 27Hand2 Games
AurelioHTCGN 24GN 27Groin2 Games
Tozan SoutherpacksBALGN 24GN 28Hamstring3 Games
StomakEREGN 25GN 28Arm2 Games
REDJVGGN 25GN 27Foot1 Game
Mediar T. ShepVCTGN 25GN 27Groin1 Game
Jake WilsonOMAGN 26GN 28Finger1 Game
RydariusNWFGN 27GN 28*Elbow1 Game
Bryan ShadowolfBALGN 28GN 30Ear1 Game
Clyde UllMEMGN 27GN 29*Groin2 Games
Kurt WeaverHTCGN 28GN 30Hand1 Game
Teague LuxtonSANGN 30GN 33Hip2 Games
RainSASGN 30GN 34Hamstring3 Games
Adam BleiweissEREGN 31GN 34Neck2 Games
Billie RoseJVGGN 31GN 33Finger1 Game
Bedtime BearSEAGN 31GN 33Elbow1 Game
AJ FransRALGN 31GN 34Leg2 Games
Dashing FoxieLEXGN 32GN 34Leg1 Game
DmitrySLCGN 32GN 35Foot2 Games
Chris BearSEAGN 32GN 35Elbow2 Games
MapleTBPGN 32GN 34Muzzle/Snout1 Game
Flossie St. OngeSEAGN 33GN 36Leg2 Games
BluefirePDXGN 33GN 35Groin1 Game
Jace DarkmatterSTLGN 34GN 36Finger1 Game
HelixVCTGN 35GN 38Hip2 Games
Jordan RinehartHMWGN 35GN 38Hip2 Games
Lance FoxySASGN 35GN 37Hand1 Game
BandoNWFGN 35GN 38Arm2 Games
Bedtime BearSEAGN 36GN 39Knee2 Games
Ark NatrixTBPGN 36GN 38Neck1 Game
JefVCTGN 36GN 38Hand1 Game
Tanjil SkoomaVCTGN 36GN 39Elbow2 Games
PauwerLEXGN 37GN 39Neck1 Game
Sukotto AbneyMEMGN 37GN 40Hand2 Games
Elmer CallensonSEAGN 37GN 39Muzzle/Snout1 Game
Manian Di FREEZEEREGN 37GN 39Foot1 Game
Qaja KebauetPDXGN 38GN 40Arm1 Game
MakarovOMAGN 39GN 41Ear1 Game
Draco PotensSASGN 39GN 41Neck1 Game
Bjorn GrafeldrMEMGN 40GN 44Hand3 Games
Bedtime BearSEAGN 40GN 42Leg1 Game
Kurt WeaverHTCGN 40GN 44Hand3 Games
Skyler WardSLCGN 40GN 42Neck1 Game
Rock HillerHMWGN 41GN 44Elbow2 Games
Chase EllisEREGN 41GN 43Groin1 Game
ScraggyOMAGN 41GN 43Elbow1 Game
James ColtonBALGN 41GN 44Elbow2 Games
Toshi XyrhoSASGN 41GN 43Hip1 Game
Bailey MacTavishMEMGN 42GN 44Knee1 Game
NitsawMEMGN 42GN 44Finger1 Game
SwingcapitaHMWGN 42GN 45Hip2 Games
Augustin JelenSEAGN 42GN 45Hand2 Games
Flossie St. OngeSEAGN 42GN 46Tail3 Games
John FoxSEAGN 42GN 44Ear1 Game
Rhy VarkylLEXGN 43GN 45Ribs1 Game
Teodoras RusilasLEXGN 43GN 46Finger2 Games
Brute BelonzykHTCGN 43GN 45Foot1 Game
Billy MaysSEAGN 43GN 45Muzzle/Snout1 Game
Blasa PyreRALGN 43GN 45Arm1 Game
JJ HeldSTLGN 44GN 46Elbow1 Game
RainSASGN 44GN 46Knee1 Game
Schwarz CrowTBPGN 43GN 45Elbow1 Game
Eddie ClarkeTBPGN 43GN 46Leg2 Games
Qaja KebauetPDXGN 45GN 47Finger1 Game
AurelioHTCGN 45GN 48Muzzle/Snout2 Games
Akamai IkaikaSLCGN 46GN 48Hand1 Game
Zidders Silver-RooLEXGN 46GN 50Arm3 Games
Kevorin SilverclawSANGN 46GN 50Hip3 Games
Colton GreeneOMAGN 46GN 48Finger1 Game
PJMEMGN 46GN 49Finger2 Games
HadouMEMGN 46GN 48Ear1 Game
Elmer CallensonSEAGN 47GN 49Groin1 Game
SkylerSEAGN 47GN 49Finger1 Game
ArtemusMEMGN 47GN 50Tail2 Games
Draco PotensSASGN 48GN 50Hand1 Game
LyahJVGGN 48GN 50Hip1 Game
Gator RexSASGN 49GN 52Muzzle/Snout2 Games
Toshi XyrhoSASGN 49GN 51Elbow1 Game
MaxyTBPGN 51WCP GM1Hamstring3 Games
Sylvia StaplerJVGGN 51GN 54Hip2 Games
LyahJVGGN 51GN 54Leg2 Games
HadouMEMGN 52EOSHip2 Games
TalcottSASWCP GM2CSF GM1Tail1 Game
Kai LehtinenLEXWCP GM1WCP GM3Ribs1 Game
Virgil FrieseNWFCSF GM6CF GM1Tail1 Game
Remington BucksaplentySLCCF GM3CF GM5Hand1 Game