Injury Report

Ongoing Injuries

Player NameTeamGN InjuredGN ReturningInjury TypeDuration
Krystal LawrenceBALGN 3GN 7Foot3 Games

* Reduced due to US Thanksgiving, Christmas, All-star Break, or Start of Playoffs Break

Past Injuries

Player NameTeamGN InjuredGN ReturnedInjury TypeDuration
NitsawMEMGN 1GN 3Foot1 Game
Belic BearVCTGN 1GN 5Foot3 Games
Tanjil SkoomaVCTGN 1GN 3Knee1 Game
Jerry BigelowSEAGN 2GN 5Hamstring2 Games
ScraggyOMAGN 2GN 5Elbow2 Games
Hellgod Vondoomking 19thEREGN 3GN 5Tail1 Game