Injury Report

Ongoing Injuries

Player NameTeamGN InjuredGN ReturningInjury TypeDuration

* Reduced due to US Thanksgiving, Christmas, All-star Break, or Start of Playoffs Break

Past Injuries

Player NameTeamGN InjuredGN ReturnedInjury TypeDuration
SwampertloverSASGN 1GN 3Arm1 Game
SilvermaneHMWGN 1GN 3Knee1 Game
Kevorin SilverclawSANGN 2GN 4Groin1 Game
Jack FoxalticaSEAGN 2GN 6Hamstring3 Games
Teague LuxtonSTLGN 2GN 5Neck2 Games
Camo RovakJVGGN 3GN 5Ear1 Game
ArbmanMEMGN 3GN 5Foot1 Game
DmitrySANGN 4GN 7Leg2 Games
ShadJVGGN 4GN 8Groin3 Games
HadouMEMGN 5GN 8Neck2 Games
ArbmanMEMGN 5GN 8Elbow2 Games
JJ HeldSTLGN 5GN 8*Foot2 Games
Carl YorkTBPGN 6GN 8*Foot1 Game
Quilan Duke ArmstrongMEMGN 7GN 9*Muzzle/Snout1 Game
Sukotto AbneyMEMGN 7GN 8*Elbow0 Games
PauwerSASGN 9GN 12Leg2 Games
Dashing FoxieLEXGN 9GN 12Hamstring2 Games
Akamai IkaikaSLCGN 11GN 13Ribs1 Game
Vera BardEREGN 11GN 13Groin1 Game
Phoenix AudubonSTLGN 12GN 14Finger1 Game
Rhy VarkylLEXGN 12GN 15Neck2 Games
Caleb LloydOMAGN 13GN 15Hamstring1 Game
Colton GreeneOMAGN 13GN 17Finger3 Games
ApolloNWFGN 13GN 15Foot1 Game
Luna StargazerNWFGN 13GN 15Elbow1 Game
Cliff PumpkinSLCGN 14GN 17Leg2 Games
Bedtime BearSEAGN 14GN 16Arm1 Game
Inazuma AnaeaSLCGN 14GN 16Leg1 Game
CharisaPDXGN 14GN 16Neck1 Game
TechHMWGN 15GN 19Groin3 Games
CaspianSEAGN 16GN 18Tail1 Game
Ark NatrixSEAGN 16GN 19Knee2 Games
Kristopher LarrsonLEXGN 17GN 19Neck1 Game
Watermelon JubileeOMAGN 18GN 21Finger2 Games
Skye GoodfellowSTLGN 18GN 21Hamstring2 Games
KC EchidnaSANGN 20GN 23Ear2 Games
SilvermaneHMWGN 21GN 23Knee1 Game
Devin ParlettHMWGN 21GN 23Neck1 Game
Fire OtterHTCGN 22GN 25Groin2 Games
CharisaPDXGN 23GN 25Foot1 Game
Rodolf PlécacksBALGN 23GN 25Groin1 Game
Kevin RodgersSANGN 24ASBMuzzle/Snout3 Games
Jack KnightSANGN 24GN 27Leg2 Games
Devin ParlettHMWGN 25ASGFoot3 Games
RainSASGN 28GN 31Knee2 Games
Sam GrayBALGN 29GN 32Tail2 Games
Quilan Duke ArmstrongMEMGN 34GN 36Finger1 Game
Rodolf PlécacksBALGN 36GN 38Ear1 Game
KrüzVCTGN 36GN 40Groin3 Games
HelixEREGN 37GN 41Knee3 Games
Marcus TrodsSEAGN 37GN 39Ribs1 Game
Rodolf PlécacksBALGN 38GN 41Knee2 Games
Bedtime BearSEAGN 40GN 43Knee2 Games
Ark NatrixSEAGN 40GN 42Arm1 Game
HashiesHTCGN 41GN 44Hamstring2 Games
Platinum Aurora Arctic WolfSASGN 44GN 46Hip1 Game
Jace DarkmatterSEAGN 45GN 48Hip2 Games
TalaHMWGN 45GN 47Hamstring1 Game
Kody RowanSASGN 45GN 47Tail1 Game
Hellgod Vondoomking 19thHTCGN 46GN 48Hip1 Game
ArbmanMEMGN 47GN 50Foot2 Games
AndrewVCTGN 49GN 52Ribs2 Games
Joshua UnderhillJVGGN 50GN 53Foot2 Games
Kurt WeaverHTCGN 51GN 54Neck2 Games
ChippyHTCGN 51GN 54Neck2 Games
Kova LewdkoBALGN 52GN 54Tail1 Game
Skye GoodfellowSTLCSF GM4CSF GM6Groin1 Game
SeldenBALCSF GM5CF GM2Knee3 Games
CharisaPDXCSF GM6CF GM1Knee1 Game
Akamai IkaikaSLCCF GM1CF GM3Tail1 Game
CharisaPDXCF GM1CF GM3Neck1 Game
SeldenBALCF GM3CF GM5Hand1 Game
Eddie HolmgrenBALFCF GM1FCF GM4Hamstring2 Games
Zyle VaughnBALFCF GM1FCF GM4Knee2 Games
Akamai IkaikaSLCFCF GM2FCF GM6Leg3 Games
Kova LewdkoBALFCF GM2FCF GM5Hand2 Games
Benjamin BlueSLCFCF GM2FCF GM5Muzzle/Snout2 Games
Sam GrayBALFCF GM4FCF GM6Hand1 Game