Injury Report

Ongoing Injuries

Player NameTeamGN InjuredGN ReturningInjury TypeDuration

* Reduced due to US Thanksgiving, Christmas, All-star Break, or Start of Playoffs Break

Past Injuries

Player NameTeamGN InjuredGN ReturnedInjury TypeDuration
Lance FoxySASGN 1GN 3Leg1 Game
HelixLEXGN 2GN 4Leg1 Game
Phoenix AudubonSTLGN 2GN 4Finger1 Game
Jace DarkmatterSTLGN 2GN 5Ribs2 Games
Rock HillerSLCGN 3GN 6Groin2 Games
Rhy VarkylLEXGN 3GN 6Neck2 Games
Gator RexSASGN 3GN 6Groin2 Games
Billy MaysSEAGN 4GN 6Finger1 Game
Remmy ChevalierTBPGN 4GN 6Groin1 Game
Backdraft WolfSASGN 4GN 7Elbow2 Games
Kai LehtinenBALGN 4GN 7Foot2 Games
Akamai IkaikaSLCGN 5GN 8Groin2 Games
CoutzyVCTGN 6GN 8Finger1 Game
Billy MaysSEAGN 8GN 10Finger1 Game
Ryan SierraNWFGN 8GN 11Knee2 Games
ArbmanHMWGN 9GN 12*Ear2 Games
SiadenaRALGN 9GN 11Muzzle/Snout1 Game
Jack MooreEREGN 11GN 13Foot1 Game
Bailey MacTavishHMWGN 11GN 13Ribs1 Game
ScraggyHMWGN 11GN 14Foot2 Games
Phoenix AudubonSTLGN 12GN 15Ribs2 Games
AndrewSTLGN 14GN 18Hamstring3 Games
Beino ConwayEREGN 14GN 18Tail3 Games
Sidkah WantanabiSANGN 15GN 17Muzzle/Snout1 Game
Antero AnsikorpiRALGN 18GN 20*Tail1 Game
DmitryLEXGN 20GN 23*Muzzle/Snout2 Games
Dashing FoxieSTLGN 20GN 23Hand2 Games
ScraggyHMWGN 22GN 23*Hand0 Games
Sidkah WantanabiSANGN 22GN 23*Hip0 Games
Beino ConwayEREGN 22GN 23*Neck0 Games
Kova LewdkoRALGN 23GN 25Finger1 Game
AuroHMWGN 23GN 25Finger1 Game
Brute BelonzykHTCGN 23GN 27Tail3 Games
Pheagle AdlerTBPGN 23GN 26Hamstring2 Games
Kurt WeaverTBPGN 23GN 27Muzzle/Snout3 Games
Sidkah WantanabiSANGN 23GN 25Foot1 Game
Thobi NielsenVCTGN 24GN 26Groin1 Game
Vera BardEREGN 25GN 27Tail1 Game
Bryan ShadowolfSEAGN 25GN 29Ribs3 Games
Bestro CorinthEREGN 26GN 29Groin2 Games
Luna StargazerNWFGN 27GN 30Groin2 Games
Summer GrassJVGGN 27GN 29Tail1 Game
RainBALGN 26GN 29Tail2 Games
Rhy VarkylLEXGN 29GN 31Ribs1 Game
Fiction SullivanNWFGN 29GN 31Muzzle/Snout1 Game
SiadenaRALGN 30GN 32Elbow1 Game
Rock HillerSLCGN 30GN 34Hand3 Games
Sandy BrushtailOMAGN 31GN 33Hand1 Game
Richard ThickeVCTGN 31GN 33Leg1 Game
Pheagle AdlerTBPGN 31GN 33Foot1 Game
Draco Elijah PotensSANGN 33GN 36Elbow2 Games
Bojan BaricHMWGN 33GN 37Ribs3 Games
Ark NatrixRALGN 33GN 36Tail2 Games
Rock HillerSLCGN 34GN 38Knee3 Games
Kurt WeaverTBPGN 34GN 38Knee3 Games
Remnic AshruEREGN 35GN 37Hip1 Game
AJ FransRALGN 36GN 38Leg1 Game
Carlos CoronadoNWFGN 37GN 39Arm1 Game
Cassandrus BlackclawSASGN 36GN 39Muzzle/Snout2 Games
Dmitry FedorovBALGN 36GN 39Muzzle/Snout2 Games
Summer GrassJVGGN 37GN 39Hand1 Game
Nico VäänänenSEAGN 38GN 40Knee1 Game
PaskhowlVCTGN 39GN 41Hand1 Game
SiadenaRALGN 39GN 42Ribs2 Games
Augustin JelenSEAGN 40GN 43Arm2 Games
Ryan SierraNWFGN 40GN 43Hip2 Games
Cash RottieHMWGN 41GN 43Hip1 Game
CoutzyVCTGN 42GN 44Neck1 Game
Fire OtterHTCGN 42CSF GM1Hand2 Games
RainBALGN 42CSF GM1*Tail2 Games
Kevorin SilverclawSANGN 43CSF GM2*Ear2 Games
Remnic AshruERECSF GM3CSF GM6Neck2 Games
Kevorin SilverclawSANCSF GM3CSF GM7Leg3 Games
Sidkah WantanabiSANCSF GM3CSF GM6Leg2 Games
Cliff PumpkinERECSF GM5CSF GM7Groin1 Game
Trask KyuroERECSF GM6CF GM2Neck2 Games
Panic NawtRALCF GM2CF GM4Arm1 Game
MomoNWFCF GM6FCF GM1Finger1 Game
RydariusNWFCF GM6FCF GM3Knee3 Games
Akamai IkaikaSLCFCF GM2FCF GM5Muzzle/Snout2 Games
Frosty OrcaSLCFCF GM2FCF GM4Elbow1 Game
Skyler WardSLCFCF GM2FCF GM4Knee1 Game
Luna StargazerNWFFCF GM3FCF GM6Leg2 Games
RydariusNWFFCF GM3FCF GM5Leg2 Games